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Improve your Japanese
by talking with Japanese people!

October schedule has been updated

Language Exchange 


​What is Spira?

名称未設定のデザイン (5).png
  1. A place where people from all over the world gather to learn languages

  2. A place we share and learn cultures from each other.

  3.  A place to expand the circle of mutual help across national borders

​Having trouble speaking Japanese?

Even in the same language, pronunciation and expressions differ from region to region. If the purpose of learning Japanese is "communication," it is very important to have opportunities to speak with ordinary Japanese people.
Of course, it is also essential to learn correct expressions from a specialized instructor. You can learn appropriate expressions and nuances depending on the scene, place, and with whom you are talking.

At Spila...

"Lesson ✖️Speaking Practice with native speakers"
You can take a lesson by a professional instructor and you can practice speaking with ordinary Japanese people and interact with them.
You can also participate in "cultural webinar" to learn about Japanese and foreign cultures.
Learning Japanese, interaction with Japanese people,
and learning Japanese and other cultures
surely bring  you something new and wonderful.

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A part of the proceeds goes to educational support activities.

Providing Educational Opportunities for Children in Orphanages

​Educational support for children in developing countries

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