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Provide some basic information about yourself and describe your strengths as an instructor on your profile


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Record and upload a short video introduction (up to 2 mins long)

Frequently asked quetions

How much can I earn on Spila?

Your earnings depend on the hourly rate you set, the number of lessons you teach and how many students continue learning with you after the trial lesson. A tip for newly registered tutors: start with a lower hourly rate to get first students faster. You can change your rate anytime. Spila takes a commission fee from your lessons to bring in more students from around the globe and enhance students keep study from you. One of the commission fee is used for children who are in poverty and difficult circumstances as educational support. The commission for every trial lesson with a new student is 100%. For all subsequent lessons, the commission is 25%. The 100% commission from the trial lesson also enables Spila to offer students a free replacement if they aren’t satisfied with the trial, which increases their confidence when booking (and therefore increases tutors’ chances of getting bookings). During the trial lesson, we recommend that you spend no more than 10 minutes actually teaching. Your main tasks in this lesson are to gain a better understanding of your student’s level and learning goals, outline a basic study plan, and agree on a learning routine.

Can I earn a regular income?

Students pay you a monthly fee. This is a subscription that automatically adds lessons each month, which will lead to a regular income for you. Students choose their preferred lesson plan from 1 to 5 lessons per week.

​What about lesson cancellation by students?

If students cancel a lesson within 24 hours, the teacher will be reimbursed for the lesson.

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