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with foreignerstalk

​ English and different cultureslearn

​With foreignersreal interactionand

globalEnglish skillsto wear


​Having trouble speaking English?


​Why language exchange?

not a teacher
talk to ordinary foreigners
real english

Those who want to participate are those who like Japan and Japanese culture and are studying Japanese.
Most of them are ordinary foreigners

I can't do it in an English conversation lesson

where people from all over the world gather
Touch the real English of people of various nationalities and ages,

Exchange experience points
You can wear it.

Fun cross-cultural exchange

in conversation,
We will share the culture and customs of each country. know the culture of different countries,
for new discoveries
Isn't it going to be?

For foreigners who want to know Japanese culture
I will be participating in many

By all means Japanese culture and your culture
Please share♪

​Even beginners can rest assured♪

In the beginner room,
bilingual supporterswill arrive.
Help with communication.

By level​
small group

Depending on the language level of the participants,
​We will divide into groups of 2 to 4 people,
in a small number of people
more effectively
You can learn more closely.


​ interesting topic

Since the topic is decided in advance,
what you talk about
can be prepared.

The topic is different each time.

Ask the participants what topics they would like to talk about
​ collected in the questionnaire,

Fun to talk to! interesting! the topic
We will prepare at any time.

Useful English Phrases

A collection of expressions created by an English teacher

so you can download
how to express effectively

learn new expressions

You can use it in conversation.

​ Please experience it once!


Have a nice meeting


learning place
​ continue because it's fun


become "comfortable"
speaking in english

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